When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.
— Buckminster Fuller

our goal in 2019 is to reach 1,000 children with chartered education, computer literacy, food, clean water treatment, and meditation training in kibera … africa's largest slum.

"We advance community wellbeing and resiliency through education, computer literacy, solar power, and meditation in Earth’s most forgotten areas."



We believe every human being can have the opportunity to grow and pursue meaningful lives — especially in areas of need so often ignored


Global One is a US-based 501(c)3, international nonprofit with programs in Kibera Kenya.  Integrative, holistic education approaches.  

Global One's programs are serving over 1,000 children, women and men in Africa's largest slum.

Global One has been a Major Charity Partner in Global Poverty Project Live Below the Line Campaign USA.


Global One schools and community projects

considering the whole, consisting of whole-parts and their synergy


infants to adults

  • Education: chartered elementary and secondary education for the most underserved in Kibera including the arts, languages, physical & social sciences, drama and music, in addition, meditation training.

  • Environment: beautifying Kibera through murals and meaningful billboard messages

  • Food and Clean Water: schools have 10,000 liter tanks of clean water and cook two meals a day for all students

  • Wellbeing: meditation and stress reduction training to cultivate peace, condition emotion regulation, increase attention capacity and learning gains, improve immune response for children who are most vulnerable in this region. This generally supports social-emotional and cognitive development combined with intra and extra-school curriculum

  • Technology & Connectivity: solar powered computer training centers. Thousands within the Kibera community have participated in training and used our centers for browsing.

  • Energy: solar


A holistic approach?

Inner affects Outer |  Outer affects Inner

Cultivates both inner and outer conditions that are housed within social and environmental contexts.

This allows for optimal synergy for the greatest intelligence, goodness and beauty.  

Inner conditions:  general knowledge, perspective taking, critical thinking, environmental concern, skill-knowledge, value systems, cognitive and emotional awareness, developmental potential, cultural beliefs, and general psychology of flourishing (attention, stress reduction, sovereignty, and connection).

Outer conditions:  affordable education, appropriate infrastructure, clean energy and water, proper technology access, medical care, computer learning centers, and the ecological/environmental setting (e.g., removing toxins, planting crops and trees, promoting art and inspiration).

Individual and Collective interaction: an individual's memetic (or worldview/values) and behavior, affect the wider community.  Shared community beliefs, practices, and norms are interactive and effect individual capability and potential.