GLOBAL ONE COMPUTER center of kibera

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  • Due to lack of skills and education in the Kiberan population, most are unemployed or underemployed earning a daily income average of $1.50 USD. 
  • Computer literacy in Kibera is a mere 2% (of an estimated one million people living in extreme poverty). 
  • Computer knowledge and skills instantly transform employment potential, entrepreneurial opportunity, creativity options, social connection, and thus a the potential for a widening quality of life.
  • Access to the internet provides learning opportunities previously unknown to those without the internet. 

It is essential that computer literacy training and affordable access to the internet are fully established for all of Kibera. 

Kibera's First Computer Learning Center


Without a reliable income source, families lack the ability to buy life-saving medicines, healthy food and clean water, education costs or maternity care, money to fix a leaking roof and so on. 

  • Most Kiberans are unemployed or earn labor at $1.50 US income per day
  • Computer literacy can dramatically improves employment.
  • Computer literacy in Kibera currently hovers around 2%



  • Microsoft Certified learning courses for children and adults
  • Certification from Global One and Microsoft gives one an unimaginably wider career opportunity
  • Microsoft Office and Google Drive courses
  • Design Courses
  • Advanced IT courses
  • Social Media 


Computer Knowledge Has changed lives in Kibera 

 Global One's Computer Literacy Program is geared to positively influence all following:

  • Empowers though teaching immediately usable computer skills
  • Promotes a widely expanded worldview through use of internet searches
  • Taps the wellspring of social connectivity, and other potentials accessible through the internet 

Over 5,000 Kiberans have completed certification training, used the internet, and/or are currently enrolled in courses at the Global One Computer Center of Kibera.