Kibera's First Computer Learning Center

GLOBAL ONE COMPUTER center of kibera



  • Certified learning courses for children and adults
  • Leading to job markets sought outside of Kibera
  • Microsoft office and google drive courses
  • Design Courses
  • Advanced IT courses
  • Social Media


  • Computer literacy in Kibera hovers at around 2%.
  • Sourcing the benefits of the internet remains out of reach:
    • greatly improved employment opportunity
  • Most Kiberans are unemployed or earn labor at $1.50 US income per day. 

Without a reliable income source, families lack the ability to buy life-saving medicines, healthy food and clean water, education costs or maternity care, money to fix a leaking roof and so on. Computer literacy dramatically improves employment.

Computer Knowledge Has changed lives in Kibera 

 Global One's Computer Literacy Program is geared to positively influence all following.

  • Empowers though teaching immeditatly usable computer skills
  • Promotes a widely expanded worldview through use of search engines
  • Taps the deep knowledge of social connectivity, and other potentials accessible through the internet