Why Meditation?

Stress is the most significant factor that affects wellbeing, particularly in densely populated urban settlements. Through meditation, stress is reduced greatly. As individuals change, members of the community are also affected. Since 2014, our meditation programs have trained over 1,500 children in Kibera. 

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effects of meditation:

Increase in moral development, prosocial attitudes, compassion

Increase in creativity, positive self-identity, motivation

Increase in academic performance and learning

Increase in attention regulation, concentration, memory

Increase in stress reduction, cardiovascular health, Pain management, 

Improved immune system

Decrease in anxiety, depression, etc.

Decrease in crime, increased ability to heal from trauma


OUR Meditation Research

2014-2015 Mindfulness Study of Kibera. This is the first Controlled Study of mindfulness mediation in an world slum. Click here for the Mindfulness Meditation Study Summary.

New Transcendental Meditation (TM) program to Kibera in 2015.

All Global One staff, teachers, and students receive training and checkups. 

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