what's been accomplished

  • 2012 Global One Lower Primary School launch (Infant - Grade 5) (50% of which are orphans)
  • 2013 Global One Computer Literacy Center launch
    •  40 computers, 100% solar powered, dedicated WIFI signal
  • 2013 Computer Center Partnership with Techno Brain Ltd Kenya and Microsoft East Africa
  • 2014 Global One Child Partnership Program started
  • 2014 Global One Upper Primary (Grade 6-8) launch
  • 2014 1st Controlled Study of the effects of Mindfulness Meditation in Kibera
  • 2015 TM Meditation and Stress Reduction Program launch
    • Twice daily TM meditation practice, approximately 500 children
  • 2016 Global One High School of Kibera began construction
  • 2016 - Solar Power introduced at Global One Computer Center
  • 2016 Beautify and Inspire Kibera Program launch


  • Three Schools and Computer Center
  • Educating 400+ children in a wholistic school system (50% orphans)
  • Employ over 30 Kiberan women and men in a supportive learning environment
  • Trained over 1,000 children in the skill of meditation as a tool for their wellbeing and stress-reduction
  • Internet & Technology: First Dedicated WIMAX signal in the heart of Kibera
  • Built and operate the world's 1st Solar Powered Computer Learning Center in an urban settlement
  • Trained several thousand children, adults and adolescents in computer literacy programs at the Global One Computer Center


Our model works and the world needs our approach. Our vision is to serve more people. This means building more wholistic schools in Kibera and other areas of the world with similar circumstances. We also aim to provide programs that serve other demographics (adult education, women's programs, clean energy, entrepreneurship).


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