Wholistic Education is transforming Kibera, one child at a time.

    Global One Foundation's purpose is to provide the appropriate kinds of external circumstances necessary to cultivate wellbeing and growth in the lives of children from strongly disadvantaged backgrounds.

    The opportunity for a comprehensive and wholistic education to flourish in spite of circumstance.

    Global one has established the following schools in Kibera

    • Global One Lower Primary (or elementary) School: infant ages through Grade 5
    • Global One Upper Primary (or middle) School: Grades 6 - 8
    • Global One Secondary (or High) School: Grades 9 - 12

    Wholistic Education Focuses:

    • Meditation and Emotional Skills Training
    • Computer Courses: typing, Microsoft Office, search engine skills, programing.
    • Yoga
    • Art, Music, Drama,
    • Sports

    Academic Performance: on the 2016 national Kenyan exams, Global One Kibera School students scored in the upper tier of all school in Kibera. 


    Food Program

    Children in Kibera do not eat consistent meals at home. Malnutrition is well documented by the World Health Organization and in survey research. 

    Global One supports two meals a day during school hours. 

    For many children their meals at school are the only reliable source of healthy food

    • Porridge in the morning
    • Rice and Beans with local greens for lunch

    We are looking to expand our food program with more options and to serve more children.  

    Donate to our Food Program

    Veronica (above) is Global One's cook and Food Program Coordinator in Kibera. She lovingly helps feed all approximately 400 children in our schools out of a small kitchen.