When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.
— Buckminster Fuller

Global One supports over 100 women, men and children with education and meditation training in kibera africa's largest slum.

"Global One is pioneering education, computer literacy, meditation education in slum communities."



Global One is a US-based 501(c)3, international nonprofit with programs in Kibera Kenya. We are fostering extraordinary dreams in urgent circumstances through holistic approaches to wellbeing and poverty alleviation in the most forgotten regions.

Global One has been a Major Charity Partner in Global Poverty Project Live Below the Line Campaign USA


Global One establishes holistic education through schools and community projects

(W)holistic:  considering the whole, consisting of whole-parts and their synergy

Wholistic-Based Education: we provide infant age through high school age education

  • Beauty:  beautifying Kibera with meaningful messaging through art, murals, and billboards. 
  • Education:  chartered education for the most underserved in Kibera (100% live within the world extreme poverty line).
  • Sustenance:  clean water + daily nutrition (we provide 400+ children twice daily with healthy meals).
  • Wellbeing:  meditation training, check-ups, emotional resilience and stress reduction skills. 
  • Technology:  solar powered computer training centers (the 1st computer training center located in a world slum) offering access to courses in Kibera for the first time.
  • Energy:  focus on leveraging solar and clean energy.


positive ethical and aesthetic implications emerge BY embodying global oneness 

We believe every human being should have the opportunity to grow and be supported to fulfill their dreams and contribute their unique gifts to the world - especially in communities where a dream's potential, so often goes unrealized.  

Urgent circumstances can and should be optimized to the greatest goodness and beauty possible. 


WHAT IS A holistic view?

Inner affects Outer |  Outer affects Inner

Urgent circumstances can and should be optimized for thriving in the greatest goodness and beauty possible.  

A (w)holistic approach cultivates both inner and outer conditions that are housed within social and environmental contexts.

Interconnectivity and inter-dependence are the primary lens through which we see the problem, and therefore, the solution.

This allows for optimal synergy for the greatest goodness and beauty.  

Inner conditions:  general knowledge, perspective taking, critical thinking, learning new skills, understanding worldview and value systems, cognitive and emotional awareness potential, cultural beliefs, and general psychology (attention, stress reduction, wellbeing).

Outer conditions:  infrastructure, clean energy, education access, clean water, medical access, computer learning centers, and the ecological setting (e.g., removing toxins, planting crops and trees, promoting art and inspiration).

Individual and Collective: An individual's memetic (worldview) affects the wider community.  The community-worldview simultaneously is influencing the individual. (W)holistic education helps children  influence the community - now and in the future - having a generational effect across time.