Children in Kibera often live with guardians, other caregivers or extended family. The average household is 4-8 people living in a small home measuring 10 ft x 10 ft (3.04 m x 3.04 m). 

Despite a family's best efforts, most parents and guardians are unable to spend income on their  children's education. The cost of tuition fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school bag, etc. competes with rent, food, and water.

The Global One School in Kibera is specifically opened to those children who are orphans or come from families of greatest need within Kibera. 

Motivated and compassionate child Partners from around the world fill this gap for families and have enabled dozens of children to thrive in Global One Kibera Schools. 

How can I partner with a child in Kibera?

Child Partnership plays a crucial role in our cause. The cost of enrolling and supporting a child in Kibera is less $10 USD per month. This allows partners to directly support a student's education needs.

$100 USD Per Year (Annual Partnership Payment) supports a child with

  • 2 Meals Per day for the entire school year (3 semesters/terms)
  • New school uniform and new shoes
  • New textbooks and writing materials for all classes
  • New School bag
  • Meditation Training by certified TM teacher
  •  Stress Reduction and Emotional Skills Training
  • Microsoft Skills Computer Literacy Course Fee (3 semesters/terms)
  • Tuition Fee (for all 3 semesters/terms)

$20 USD additional for personal Video Update sent to you via email


Join others around the world supporting children at the Global One Kibera School.

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