Global One Ambassadors are influencers who consciously work with their integrity to provide awareness and support to Global One’s mission. Ambassadors help create the conditions for the possibility of a thriving organization - one project at a time.

With their skills and strengths, Ambassadors help shape their own unique vision within Global One’s holistic aid focus.


Kareem Rush

Kareem teamed with Global One in 2019 in his role as a Global One Ambassador. His areas of passionate concern are education and sporting facilities, clean water, sustainable food, and clean energy.

Kareem attended the University of Missouri and is their Men's basketball player of the decade (2000-2010). Kareem played for five NBA franchises (L.A. Lakers 1st Round Draft Pick 2002; Charlotte Bobcats, Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, and L.A. Clippers) and is known for his superb jumpshot. He is also an R&B recording artist and entrepreneur with a long track record of community service and activism.

His other charitable work includes anti-bullying, youth sports, and healthy living. Kareem has focused on underserved communities culminating in two major altruistic endeavors: commitment to the healthy, psychosocial development of young athletes and to the long-term financial viability of retired pro-athletes through his Rush Forward Foundation.

Kareem Rush.jpg

Kareem Rush

Global One Ambassador since 2019

Renewable energy, education, and sports facilities.