Whole-Systems, Integral Approach to Fostering Thriving Life in Extreme Poverty

The Global One Schools offer a rich, integrated, education to children in underdeveloped communities. The schools provides primary school education from nursery ages through Grade Five, 50% of which are orphans.

Kibera - An Integral Aid Initiative

Kibera Mindfulness Meditation Initiative, Integral Education Initiative, Lower and Upper Primary Schools of Kibera, Computer Literacy Training at Global One Microsoft Certified Computer Center of Kibera, and Beautify Kibera Environmental Program.

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Global One Computer Learning Center of Kibera

The first Microsoft Certified Computer Learning Center like it in the world.

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Guatemala - Meet the Integral Heart School Project

Expanding with our Guatemala Partners
at Integral Heart Foundation. Together, utilizing a systemic approach in serving the underserved.

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Find Beauty

The Practice: Find beauty. Beauty is that which delights the senses – including the “sixth sense” of the mind.Different people find beauty in different forms and places. You don’t have to go to a museum, listen to a symphony, or eat a gourmet meal to be in the presence of beauty. For example, here are some of the

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Giving is Good

Excerpt from Rick Hansen’s, PhD Giving is Good Consider these benefits of giving: It feels good in its own right. It’s enlightened self-interest. As noted above, fair-play and cooperation build up a reputation that is advantageous over time; become known as a miserly stiff-arm artist, and you may as well leave town. • As noted just

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