HIV Counseling, Teaching Placements, Orphanage Placement, Computer Literacy, Mindfulness, Wellness Placements.

“An Integral Aid Organization, transforming conditions, one community at a time”

What We Do

We work with severely underprivileged communities to foster wellbeing and human potential in the poorest areas of the planet. We utilize a unique Integral Aid perspective/praxis.  Integral (in part) refers to accounting for both internal and external factors. Our approach begins with integral education, school building, wellness & health care, providing economic opportunity, computer centers, volunteer programs, and other crucial factors.

We believe the more depth and span our approach takes, the more likely the most workable changes will be made: those that are needed to address the challenges these lives face in the conditions of extreme poverty. If “aid” does not take an interconnected view of this reality, then it is a very “limited” aid and thus unsustainable.

In just 2 short years, Global One has had an immediate impact in Kibera Kenya, one of the largest slum communities on Earth. Our model is working by empowering the youth, addressing challenges from an integral perspective, specifying and targeting the major human needs (e.g., integral education, health, food, clean water and sanitation, job and computer skills and providing economic opportunity). It is from a bottom-up approach that community conditions naturally transform themselves in a sustainable way.

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Our Model Works

“Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.”  ~ Nelson Mandela 

Global One’s first school opened January 2013 in Kibera, Kenya. The Global One Kibera School has already reached its maximum capacity of 325 children who formerly without sustainable education. Our student base is 50% orphans. Instead of picking through garbage to sell plastic and metals, young boys and girls now have a quality primary school education and real a chance at escaping the poverty cycle and self-authored future. 

June 2013        Global One Kenya School Children    IMG_4413     Thank You        IMG_4473    IMG_4573    IMG_4575    Children of Kibera    Studying - More Tetbooks Supplies    Enhancing the Quality of Life Through Education and Opportunity

The Global One Community Computer Center of Kibera

In October 2013 Global One opened the first ever certified Microsoft Training center in an African Slum. This is the first, ever computer training center in the entire Kibera Slums, occupied by one million people living in one square mile with a computer literacy rate of only 2%.

Each of the 325 Children at the Global One Kibera School also receives daily computer training, making it as advanced as any developed world school in computer education, a model that is truly revolutionizing how we can all see Integral Aid deployed in developing communities. To date, it has trained several hundred Kiberans on basic and advanced computer courses. Its helped many dramatically improve their economic opportunity through achieving Microsoft certification. Many have secured jobs and enhanced their life skills.

Kenya Volunteer Programs

Check out our volunteer program’s page!  Immerse yourself in the urban or rural programs with other volunteers from the US, Europe, Thailand, Australia and others from around the world. BE the Change developing communities look for. Volunteering is one of the truest expressions of being a global citizen. The greatest gift you can ever give in your lifetime is Yourself.

Programs include: Orphanage Program, Primary School Teaching Programs, Computer Teaching Program, Medical & Wellness Placements, HIV Counseling, Mindfulness & Yoga, Music, Art, Women’s Programs, and Sports programs.  

The Global One Foundation is a Major Charity Partner of the largest anti-poverty campaign on the planet, The Global Poverty Project‘s Live Below the Line 2014 Campaign to end extreme poverty.  

Join thousands of other passionate global citizens who care about human equality and dignity who have signed up to take take personal responsibility and impact this global challenge.Sign-up today to Live Below The Line for The Global One Foundation!  June 15th!